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Running your small business takes a lot of effort. If you’re handling your accounting by yourself, it’s easy to let little mistakes slip through the cracks. Even so, it’s important to avoid mistakes like these because they can throw things off in severe ways. Take a look at the following small business accounting mistakes to avoid. 

Tracking Business Costs Improperly

If you make mistakes while tracking your business costs, you will put your small business in a bad position. You want to make sure that you are accounting for all of your costs down to the last cent. Keeping accurate records of spending will prove to be imperative. You need to double-check things to make sure that you aren’t inputting things into your spreadsheets improperly. 

Mixing Business and Personal Accounts

As a business owner, you need to make sure that you keep your business and personal accounts separate. If you fail to do so, then things can get messy come tax season. It can complicate things when you are trying to get business loans since lenders will need to look at your cash flow to determine whether they can lend to you. Make sure that your personal accounts and your business accounts are kept separate. 

Billing Mismanagement

Billing mismanagement can harm your business substantially. Some businesses make mistakes when managing billing, and they might wind up sending out invoices late. This can lead to delayed funds, and you could wind up being late paying your own bills. A few mistakes with your management of billing could lead to costly repercussions for your small business. 

Not Planning for Taxes Ahead of Time

You need to plan for your taxes ahead of time to avoid being caught off guard. This is why it is highly recommended to simply hire professionals to take care of things. They can inform you of what needs to be done for tax purposes while also managing your books. If you are worried about making mistakes, then calling in professional accountants will alleviate those worries.